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People’s Caucus (PC)

The Peoples Caucus are residents of the TGA that are infected and affected consumers of HIV services. The PC is formally recognized as affiliated with the Planning Council for the purpose of strengthening full and effective participation of people with HIV and to provide feedback on Planning Council activities and regular input into Planning Council processes.


  • Additional information and role of the PC is:

  • The PC is led by two (2) co-chairs: One (1) shall be elected by the PC members, and may or may not be a member of the Planning Council and One (1) shall be appointed by the Planning Council Co-chairs, who must be a Planning Council Members. The PC core responsibilities include:

  • Assuring that efforts will be made in a culturally sensitive manner to address the needs of the traditionally underserved and/or hard to reach populations; 

  • Conducting ongoing education for consumers; 

  • Creating liaisons and/or relationships within the traditionally underserved and hard to reach populations; and 

  • Performing other duties as may be required or as assigned by the Planning Council. 

Meeting Agendas and Minutes

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