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Membership, Nominations & Elections (MNE)

MNE is responsible for implementing an “Open Nomination Process for membership recruitment to maintain the Planning Council’s reflectiveness and representation; training and capacity building for compliance with Ryan White regulations; and implementing the Planning Council’s attendance policy.


  • Develop and implement an “Open Nomination Process” to maintain Planning Council Membership

  • Conduct new member orientation

  • Review framework for Co-chair nominations & elections

  • Facilitate/Conduct election for Planning Council Co-Chairs

  • Review and manage Planning Council Training

  • Review and manage Planning Council Membership attendance

  • Monitor Membership Reflectiveness and Representation for compliance

  • Develop a membership recruitment campaign

  • Review and manage the membership application process

Committee Members

Ronique Pleasant
Membership, Nominations & Election, Chair
Santiago Serrato
Planning Council Co-Chair
Korie Smith
NA/CPCC, Chair
Charles Whitehead
Council Member
Membership, Nomination & Elections
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